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Strategic Planning Platform

From Ideas to Delivery


Strategic Planning Platform

Discover and Harvest on multiple devices

Fruitful change starts with useful information

Use web-based forms and social media to capture information. Crowdsourcing from employees, customers, partners, even competitors, provides an insight into how your company really operates: What applications do we have? Is that really a best practice? Should we open another office? Who is using the new HR regulations?

Now use automated data harvesting from your applications and systems to produce IT transformation plans with real initiative.

Separate the wheat from the chaff

With hundreds or maybe thousands of ideas and initiatives, it's difficult to know where to start. The SPP helps you define your criteria and analyse the business value of ideas. Cater for cost, risk, dependencies, resources - whatever you require - the SPP will accurately prioritize your ideas and programs, while still incorporating the needs of all stakeholders.

The SPP will give you a clear picture. This is what we'd like to do. And this is what we should do.

Impact Analysis - Heatmapping

Plan the way forward

Now we have a clear idea of our initiatives, we can assess them against existing systems. We can create business and IT blueprints against which to action the right projects and apply the right investments.

The SPP will help us assess the impact of our proposed changes and provide a workspace for transition plans and solution alternatives. The SPP gives us a strong view of where we are now and how we move forward.

Doing the right things

Business teams can now make informed decisions about whether to pursue the idea for implementation. A review board can regularly review returned business cases, prioritize them based on a range of objective and subjective factors such as cost, financial return, strategic relevance, opinions of stakeholders and risk. Business cases are then translated into initiatives and projects which can be scheduled for execution.

Define a Portfolio
Change and Configuration management

Doing things right

Change can be structural, cost-cutting, process-based, strategic or cultural - but it is always continual. You can manage change efficiently via the use of change requests, work items, plans, activities, resource allocation and more. The SPP is pre-configured to monitor and manage changes to your enterprise architecture.

The SPP helps you to communicate the vision of organizational change.

Key Performance Indicators

Measure your business improvement by accessing, analyzing and reporting on relevant data. The SPP can provide you with queries, reporting, scorecards, dashboards and more. Select the metrics to measure, monitor and manage and use these to further drive strategic change.

Business Intelligence