Enterprise Architecture Software-as-a-Service

Corso helps companies align business strategy and IT capabilities so they can plan and react to change initiatives with agility. We offer the only integrated enterprise architecture and innovation management platform that gives you the ability to manage change and business transformation activities at any scale.

Enterprise Architecture Software-as-a-Service

See all your work in one place; quickly review work items; drill down, comment, tag or make amendments; and easily communicate and collaborate with colleagues. Additionally, run smart queries to show just what's relevant for you, and build custom views for other stakeholders.

Enterprise Architecture Software-as-a-Service

View your teams enterprise architecture and innovation initiatives and manage team activity across processes. Focus on delivering only the projects that are the most important. Invite anybody in the organization to collaborate and engage stakeholder communities to achieve business objectives.

Enterprise Architecture Software-as-a-Service

See your entire organization "on the same page", visually manage your company's ideas, business capabilties, applications and technology portfolio. Easily manage cross-teams and organizational boundaries in a visual way.

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Corso customers achieve better business and IT agility

"Corso ticks all the boxes for being SaaS, multi-platform, collaborative, and flexible in that the underlying metamodel can be customized. Overall it ticked more boxes than the other tools and it’s very competitively priced."

Craig Douglas, Enterprise Architect at Plymouth University

"From the very beginning the product was comprehensive and easy to use. Corso continue to add new features and functionality to the product which are enhancing it further all the time. The other huge positive from my perspective is Corso's stand-out customer service."

Andrea Gysin, Innovation Manager at Enzen Global

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