Corso is committed to delivering affordable first-class strategic planning solutions. We provide the only SaaS platform that gives companies the ability to manage planning activities at scale and is truly mobile. Many different communities, including the Fortune 1000, use Corso's Strategic Planning Platform that combines Agile Enterprise Architecture, Innovation Management and Business Process Modeling, all in one integrated platform.

Our mission is to enable the world's leading organizations to build and manage their planning activities through community driven campaign management, powerful collaboration, diagramming, gamification, and unrivalled analytics, so they can plan and react to change initiatives with agility. No more disparate spreadsheets, visual diagrams or presentation tools.

Corso is headquartered in Birmingham, UK with offices in the USA, Canada, and Australia.


Raise your hand if you know a business that would like to manage change, reduce complexity, improve business performance, and delight its customers. Chances are your hand is raised, and maybe you even work for such a company.

The problem is that there’s a fundamental mismatch between how business and IT organizations operate today, how they must operate tomorrow to remain competitive and thrive, and their ability to make this transformation successfully.

The story behind an idea

We had worked together for years. Martin was driving product management for enterprise architecture, portfolio management and asset management tools at IBM. He noticed something curious: the typical approach to adopting strategic planning tools simply wasn't effective anymore. Organizations were getting frustrated at the separated way of working between different initiatives.

Meanwhile, Alan was heading up the Enterprise Architecture group for IBM's worldwide Solution Architect team. Working with IT leaders across the globe, one key challenge repeatedly emerged that interested us: why were these organizations with large teams and big budgets struggling to deliver on new ideas?

After numerous discussions over coffee and the occasional beer, we came to a conclusion. IT leaders struggle to capture and deliver the value of promising new business ideas because of the siloed, disjointed relationship between IT strategy initiatives and business decision-makers. What’s required is an integrated approach to strategic planning.

The world has changed dramatically in just a few years: technology is no longer just an enabler of business, it increasingly IS the business. Yet IT organizations are still regarded as a separate entity, and often the barrier to achieving business objectives.

A winning idea

We started talking about this concept of managing the “Ideas to Delivery” process because it was fundamentally different to the traditional siloed approach to aligning the strategies of business and IT.

The response has been resoundingly positive. Ideas to Delivery was an exciting concept whose time had come. The question was - if the concept was so attractive, why weren’t more it organizations doing it?

The issue wasn’t a lack of tools, but that there were too many different tools. There’s diagramming tools and modeling solutions and planning systems and innovation applications and many many more. Too many vendors to manage, solutions to maintain, and phone numbers to call for help. We wanted to eliminate this unnecessary complexity.

Idea to delivery

We started Corso with an ultimate goal: make it easier for companies to do strategic planning, so that business and IT organizations can work collaboratively to deliver on their ideas. One single platform designed from the ground up to transform how organizations achieve their strategic business and technology objectives.

We’re still in the early days of what our Strategic Planning Platform can and will provide - we’re building a product, company and a community that has the ambition and talent to transform how organizations can deliver on their best ideas.

We’re very grateful to our 100+ customers and thousands of fans who support our mission.

Our People

Our people make the company what it is today. We recruit for passion, ability and cultural fit over experience, and we our proud to attract and retain people with the ambition to help our customers succeed. We also believe in being open and transparent to all of our employees. The cornerstone of every decision we make is “Customer First”. This clear objective of putting the customer at the heart of every action is evident in our software, consulting, and sales and marketing - and doing this makes us incredibly happy.

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