Corso Academy

All the resources and expertise to help you achieve your strategic enterprise architecture and IT innovation objectives

The Corso Academy is designed to help you learn about and get maximum value from Corso's Strategic Planning Platform. Here you will find useful information to support and guide you towards achieving your Enterprise Architecture and IT Innovation objectives.

Starter Videos

Starter Videos

Free introductory videos to help you understand  the capabilities of Corso's software platform.

Guides and Tutorials

Guides & Tutorials

Hands on training guides and practice tutorials to help you and your team ramp up.

Consulting Programs

Consulting & Training

Consulting and training packages to help you achieve your strategic IT and business outcomes.

What's New

Starter videos

Get up to speed with Corso's Strategic Planning platform for Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Management with our starter videos.

Tutorials & Guides

Get hands on with the Corso's Agile Enterprise Architecture and Innovation Management software modules with our step-by-step tutorials.

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