Corso & erwin

Announcing erwin CloudCore™ - Data Modeling and Enterprise Architecture in one Integrated Cloud Solution

An Exclusive Webinar for erwin and Corso Customers!

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In this webinar we discuss the exciting combination of erwin and Corso and the making of a new market leader in data modeling and enterprise architecture.

Learn more about the brand new cloud bundle, erwin CloudCore™ – Data Modeling and Enterprise Architecture in a single collaborative solution, and the benefits for your organization. In this webinar you'll learn more about:

  • Why this strategic combination delivers value for both erwin and Corso customers.
  • How data modeling and enterprise architecture delivers greater collaboration, better business agility and higher quality data and systems.
  • How erwin CloudCore™ provides a single solution for better visibility, streamlined information management and improved results from your Big Data and/or Digital Transformation initiatives.

Recorded live on 29th September 2016

Presented by:

Adam_Famularo_100x100.jpg Adam Famularo
CEO at erwin
Martin_Owen_Profile_100x100.jpg Martin Owen
VP of Product Management at erwin
(former CEO & Co-founder at Corso) 


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