How to Get Management to Invest in Enterprise Architecture

Architects who create future state models first, typically find it easier to get management to invest in their efforts.

Traditional enterprise architecture approaches have focused on analyzing and creating current state representations first, and only then considered future states.

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Forget Everything That You've Heard About Enterprise Architecture

Contrary to popular belief, enterprise architecture (EA) does not have to take too long or cost too much. The problems are not with the concept of enterprise architecture, but with how it has been taught, applied and executed.

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Data Driven Enterprise Architecture for Delivering Better Business Outcomes

Forget everything that you may have heard or read about Enterprise Architecture.

It does not have to take too long or cost too much. The problems are not with the concept of enterprise architecture, but with how it has been taught, applied and executed.

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Why Enterprise Architecture is Essential in Facilitating Mergers

Company mergers, even once approved, can often be daunting affairs. Depending on the size of the business, there can be hundreds of systems and processes that need to be accounted for, which can be difficult, and even impossible to do in advance.

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Big Data Benefits, with Enterprise Architecture and Data Modelling

If Gartner’s word is anything to go by, Big Data adoption is seeing an uptick. The analyst cites “increasing inquiries” into Big Data analytics tools, as more businesses look for new opportunities in capturing increasing amounts, or eek more value out of the large amounts of data they already own.

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The Key to Getting the Most Out of a Data Driven Organization

Businesses appear to have consensually agreed upon the value of a data-driven organization.

Yet, studies have shown that very few businesses are maximizing the data opportunity. Senior Executives surveyed during an Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) study, overwhelmingly missed out on “broad positive results”, with only 2% reaching this desired outcome.

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2017 CIO Predictions Indicate Another Big Year for Enterprise Architecture

The results from a Nomura Holdings study interviewing CIOs about 2017 plans, hint at another good year for Enterprise Architecture. Much of what CIOs are looking to achieve will benefit greatly from a well deployed EA initiative.

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Why Tech's Permanent State of Change Needs Bimodal IT

For most, putting the pace of technology’s progression into perspective, only takes a quick look around the room. It seems we’ve now reached a tipping point where the science fiction dreams of ten years ago, are being realized in reality today. Even Hollywood interpretations of artificial intelligence for example, can now be found in most smartphones.

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Why Your Enterprise Architecture Isn’t the Digital Powerhouse it Should Be… Yet

By now, many companies have either just started, or are in the midst of an on-going digital transformation initiative. This isn’t a trend likely to be short lived either. The speed in which businesses have to evolve in order to keep up with new digital advancements will, in all likelihood, only increase.

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Enterprise Architecture for Implementing Security

Depending on who you ask, the world is either heading for, or already in the midst of a data downpour. A study as recent as 2015 found that global internet traffic will likely reach 1.4 petabits per second - the equivalent to 125 terabytes p/s.

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