Idea & Innovation Management

Orchestrate the ideation process by engaging all stakeholders and capturing their ideas. Develop the best ideas into new initiatives and solutions that are aligned with your business and IT strategy objectives.

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Innovation Campaigns

Engaging and focused innovation campaigns make it easy to capture new ideas from your chosen stakeholder community. Collaboratively score, eveluate and develop the most promising ideas into new solutions.

Innovation Campaign

Pairwise Comparisons

A unique, powerful and engaging voting system ensures all ideas are evaluated equally by the stakeholder community. Identify which ideas are most promising and aligned with your strategic business and IT objectives.

Idea Pairwise Comparisons

Innovation Analytics

Track your ideation pipeline, identify the most promising ideas, and understand where your best concepts originate from. Create and share analytics that help you, your team and your stakeholders understand your innovation initiatives and outcomes. Keep stakeholders informed with up-to-the-minute KPIs.

Innovation Analytics
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