Corso software works great with many other tools to enterprise architecture as part of a bigger eco-system.


Almost all of our integrations allow you to import data from your current tool into our platform.  If you can get the data out of your tool, you can get it into ours!

Standards based

Transferring data should be easy that's why we use standards.   We support the Open Group ArchiMate model exchange format and were involved in the formation of the standard.


Our export is in Tabbed Separated Value (TSV) format.  Its an industry standard.  Many spreadsheet tools support TSV.  It's also human readable!


Do you want to create a new integration or tap into our platform from your own tool?  We offer a restful API for web developers.


We've done hundreds of tool data exchanges and have a wealth of experience in a number of tools.  Have you customized your tool?  We're happy to help...

Need something more?

If there is something you need that you don't see, then don't be afraid to ask.  We love integrations and enjoy being part of a wide eco-system.

Adobe PDF
Document publishing tool
Alfabet Software AG
Enterprise architecture tool
Enterprise architecture tool
Aris Software AG
Enterprise architecture tool
Avolution Abacus
Enterprise architecture tool
Enterprise architecture tool
Enterprise architecture tool
Data modeling tool
MS Excel
Spreadsheet tool
MS Active Directory
Directory services tool
Enterprise architecture tool
Requirement management tool
Enterprise architecture tool
Unicom System Architect
Enterprise architecture tool
MS Visio
Drawing tool
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