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Software-as-a-Service for teams of any size

Choose what you need now and scale-up anytime. Our licensing is flexible so you only ever pay for the users that you need, and nothing more. There's no add-ons to buy and no hidden extras - it's all included!


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For any organization that's just starting out in EA

Take the fast track to adoption. Get a designated EA specialist to help with your frameworks and your data


per month
The Professional license is for administrators and super-users

Professional users can perform advanced analytics, meta-model management and customization


per month
The Contributor license is for everyday users and team members

It allows users build diagrams, documents and reports, and view analytics


per month
The Reviewer license is for stakeholders and collaborators

It allows users to view information, comment on assets and complete assigned tasks

*Above prices are based on a 12 month annual subscription. Cloud hosting, customer support and software updates are included in the price. There are no extras to pay, ever!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does the trial work?

After you sign up for your trial, you get access to all Professional license features for 21 days. You can invite all of your colleagues to your trial as well. After your trial is over you can purchase any licenses you require starting with just one Professional user.

How do the licenses compare?

All packages start with a minimum of one Professional license and scale upwards. From there you can have any combination of Professional, Contributor and Reviewer licenses to match your requirements. Read more about the license types under “Use Corso”).

What's a Professional?

A Professional is typically the person driving the use of the tool and who actively manages the enterprise architecture initiatives. They can also be the system administrator.

Is the trial really free?

Yes it is. We don't ask for payment details to start your free trial, so you can try Corso without any risk or obligation.

What are the billing options?

We offer both monthly and annual billing. You can pay by monthly by credit card or pay annually by invoice. Contact us at to tailor your billing options.

What's a Contributor?

A Contributor has much of the same capabilities as a Professional but cannot manage other users, change meta-data or conduct detailed analytics.

What happens at the end of the trial?

Your trial is your permanent Corso account and all your data will remain intact. Choose your licenses and pay by credit card. We also support invoice billing for annual contracts. Contact us at for more information. If you decide not to purchase, your account will expire.

Can I change plans after I sign up?

Yes, you can switch from monthly billing to annual billing and back at any time in accordance with the terms of use. We will adjust your payment accordingly. Contact us if you want to change your billing frequency.

What's a Reviewer?

A Reviewer is a user who can view information they have been given permission to view. They can also comment on assets and complete assigned tasks. Reviewers are typically other stakeholders who are not actively working on enterprise architecture day-to-day. It is a perfect way to increase collaboration and visibility across your organization by engaging business departments and other key stakeholders.

How is my trial data stored?

We know your enterprise information is extremely important to you and your business, and we take security very seriously. Our own data and that of hundreds of other users is managed in Corso as well. Read more about how we protect your data.

Can I add or remove users?

You can add or remove users whenever you want and your billing will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I get my data out of Corso?

Yes you can. Export your data as a spreadsheet whenever you want or use our API as needed.

What are the Terms of Service?

The full Terms of Service are available here