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Corso offers the world’s first true strategic planning platform. Since its beginning, Corso has been delivering software, services and support to organizations around the world to transform the way they plan for and achieve their strategic business and IT objectives. Our software combines enterprise architecture, innovation management and business process modeling, all in one integrated platform. Corso is headquartered in Birmingham in the UK with offices in New York City, Melbourne, Australia, and Toronto, Canada.
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Corso's Strategic Planning Platform software modules and professional services enable organization's to meet their objectives for:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Innovation Management
  • Business Process Modeling

With Corso’s software modules, you can:

  • Collaborate with a wide audience of stakeholders on business and IT strategy planning activities
  • Run innovation campaigns to crowdsource ideas from diverse stakeholder communities
  • Build business and technology roadmaps and action plans
  • Understand the impact of change on the business and IT organization
  • Plan, manage and analyze digital transformation initiatives
  • Make IT investment decisions based on solid analytics
  • Optimize business and IT capabilities to meet desired outcomes
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Events & Speakers

Corso is a regular speaker, sponsor and participant in industry conferences and events: Gartner, IBM, The Open Group, Association of Enterprise Architects, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Strategy Officer, Building Business Capability etc.

We have industry experts eager to share their best practices and thought leadership on the topics of enterprise architecture, IT innovation, business process modeling, portfolio management, business transformation and much more. If you have an upcoming conference, workshop, or seminar, Corso could be a great addition to your speaker lineup. To submit a speaker request, email us.

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